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Announcement 4.4.19

1.) Mu Continent Migration
Mu Continent to eClipseMU migration is still open.
Simply visit this link and go with the procedure

2.) Duel Master Class to class
We are scheduling the Duel Master Class to class
Registration will be open on 4.16.19 and the actual
event will start on 4.25.19 rules, guidelines and
rewards will be posted on the registration period.

3.) eClipseMU is under new management
We are under new management. New team is on board to
facilitate the game and the community. Expect hardcore
gaming experience and unique events on a regular basis.

4.) Castle Siege with rewards
Starting 4.7.19 every castle siege will have rewards.
Castle Siege trophy: Gold Pet
Castle Siege prize: To be distributed by Guild Master
- 300 Bless
- 300 Soul
- 300 Joh
- 300 Jog
- 10,000 eC for switchers will distribute accordingly

HOT 3 consecutive wins = bonus of 18,000 eCoins

5.) Daily PVP Events - 4.5.19 12:01 - 14:00 & 21:00 - 23:30
- Guild war 5v5 no rules (rewards: 90b90s90c + 1 point for ranking)
- Royal Rumble open class no rules (rewards: 90b90s90c + 1 point for ranking)
- Mini Evening Duel open class no rules (rewards: 90b90s90c + 1 point for ranking)
POINT SYSTEM: This is ranking event, the top 10 will get monthly rewards.
REWARDS: eCoins | ePoints | Excellent option adder

6.) April Events & Promo
-EXP BOOST whole month of April
-Drops Boost whole month of April
-eC Ratio Promo 1:10 + 10% ePoints
-Free starter kit (message us to claim - for new players only)

It's time you guys get back in game and prepare yourself for this months PVP events!
Get ready, form your team, build your characters and lets get ready to rumble!

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Server Info

Version:Season 6 EP 3
Max ML:200
Max Exc:2 ( 3 Lord Mix )
Max Socket:3 (Tri-Sphere)
Last 24 hours: 42
Record Online Players:862
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Blood Castleevery 2hrs
Start in
Devil Squareevery 1hr
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Chaos Castleevery 1h
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Golden Invasionevery 3h
Start in
White Wizardevery 3h
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Jewel Gambling Server 1every 10h
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Exp Boostevery 6h
Start in
Red Dragonevery 3h
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