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Maintenance today December 15, 2018- 17:00 Server Time


After 13 hours of updating the server, here are the list of all the changes we've implemented;

  • Added New Promo tab on Cashshop (x)
  • Promo Tab [ Jewels ] Bundled Jewels (30)
  • Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Harmony,High Refining Stone and the new Add Socket Slot Token
  • Promo Tab [ Socketed] +0+0+L+S+ 2 Empty Socket
  • Flameberge, Sword Breaker, Rune bastard, Frost Mace, Absolute Scepter, Dark Stinger, Elemental Wing Stick, Deadly Staff
  • Added more security against player using 3PP
  • New UI Interface
  • New 4 PIN interface

More information HERE

All events are already activated

  • EXP BOOST - x2 for Whole month of December
  • DROP BOOST - x2 for Whole month of December
  • Happy Hour - every 12 hours for whole month of December
  • Improved LOT - ancient drop (permanent)
  • Ribbons - 1-2 xOptions Drop for whole month of December
  • Cash Shop Promo - for whole month of December HOT
  • CS Bet System HOT!
  • Santa Village - for whole month of December
  • eCash Promo - 1:8 ratio 12.3.18 - 12.15.18
  • eTier Promo - 1 Tier : 3,000 eC 12.3.18 - 12.15.18

Happiest 5th monthsary to everyone!

As the holiday season is here we are doing a Major server maintenance on 12.2.18 08:00 - 20:00 12 hours estimated downtime.

We will be applying major server updates and loading our December events & promo.

We are glad to welcome the holiday season with everyone and we will make it a very merry December!

Events and promos that will end this year with a big-bang!

Thank you everyone for being with us!

Cheers, eMu 2018

Server is back ONLINE

You can now login and enjoy playing


  • Disabled Kill the Boss (Event Ended)
  • Disabled Halloween Item drops (Event Ended)
  • Optimize server
  • Added more in-game security

Downtime: 18:00-19:00 GMT +8

More updates to come!

-eMU 2018

There will be a server maintenance tonight Nov. 23 (Friday) at 6:00 PM.

During the maintenance all our servers and will be inaccessible.

Maintenance estimated duration is 2hrs to 3hrs.

- eMU2018

Do you want to prove that you are a Legend?
The Duel Master is a tournament that awards the best combatant 
in the land with the most powerful trophy in the game and to be 
in the "HALL OF FAME" forever.  

Minimum number of players: 4 
Registration Fee: 3,500 eCoins
Registration Date: 11.12.18 - 11.18.18
Event Date: TBA
Event Time: TBA
Participant bonus: All registered combatant will receive bonus of 5 tier points.

How to register?
1. Message our facebook page and we will coordinate with you.
2. Be ready with your registration fee

Character name: DUTERTE
Class: Blade Knight

Rules & Mechanics:

1. All registered combatants must be online 30 minutes before the match.
2. Tournament host will announce "last call 10 minutes" before each match, 
   if a combatant is not available within the 10 minutes grace period it 
   will lead to disqualification, the one who is online will move to next    round.
3. In case of disconnection 1 point will be deducted to your score, 3    disconnections will lead to losing the match and your opponent will move to    next round.
4. During disconnection you are given 3 minutes to reconnect, failure to go    back online during the grace period will lead to disqualification. Duel 
   will reset once you go back and scores will be added accordingly.
5. During matches you are not allowed to trade or enter other servers. 
   If we find out you did then you will be disqualified.
6. Each match will have time limit of 30 minutes, after the limit we player    with highest score wins. 
7. Teleport skill is not allowed (Dark Wizard Class)
8. Nova skill is required (Dark Wizard Class)
9. Ice arrow skill is required (Elf Class)
10.No running away from opponent. If you move away more than 5 seconds round    will be stopped and point will be given to your opponent.

Prohibited items: 
-If you use the items below you will be disqualified from tournament. 
-Complex potion
-SD potion
-Spirit of Guardian
-Pet Skeleton
-Any type of transformation ring

-eCash registration pool (winner takes all)
-trophy (380 weapon of your choice FO + gold pet)
-3rd wing of your choice +luck+1 option of your choice
-380 set of your choice +0+luck or +L+3soc+bonus
-eClipse Hoodie w/ sleeves

2nd Placer:
-3rd wing of your choice +1 option of your choice
-380 set of your choice +0+luck or +L+3soc+bonus
-eClipse Shirt

Rules, mechanics and prizes might change without prior notice.

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Server Info

Version:Season 6 EP 3
Max ML:150
Max Exc:2 ( 3 Lord Mix )
Max Socket:3 (Tri-Sphere)
Online Users166
Last 24 hours: 453
Record Online Players:862
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