Castle Owner
75h 13m 40s
Account Safety
Secure your account
  • Make sure to use strong password. Combination of capital, small letters and number is recommended. Never use a password with similarity in your account or anything related to you

  • Secure the email account you used in your registration

  • Dont use all small or all capital in your user account, you can always do this even if you are registered already by logging in to our website using the same user account but with some capitalize letters then change your password.

  • Never share your account info to anyone even with eClipseMU staffs, the only place where we will ask you about your account info is in our Ticket System.

  • You should write all your credentials in a text file and just copy paste the user/pass/key from it during authentication.

  • Never input your account user and password in any web pages other than our offical login page:

  • Always lock your account if you will be logged out for long time or preferrably lock it always mostly if you are playing in a computer shop, read about /setkey command in this page

4 Digit Login Code
  • This codes serve as the 2nd step account verification that will further harden your account security.

  • You can only enter this codes through mouse click to avoid keyloggers.

  • How to set 4 Digits Login code?

  • Login ingame, after entering your correct username and password you will be prompted to enter the new 4 Digits code.

  • eClipse MU will not be held responsible to your lost due to your failure to follow the above.

Account Login forgot your password?

Server Info

Version:Season 6 EP 3
Max ML:200
Max Exc:2 ( 3 Lord Mix )
Max Socket:3 (Tri-Sphere)
Last 24 hours: 42
Record Online Players:862
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Events Timer

Blood Castleevery 2hrs
Start in
Devil Squareevery 1hr
Start in
Chaos Castleevery 1h
Start in
Golden Invasionevery 3h
Start in
White Wizardevery 3h
Start in
Jewel Gambling Server 1every 10h
Start in
Exp Boostevery 6h
Start in
Red Dragonevery 3h
Start in