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Lucky Wheel Guide

Eclipse MU Lucky Wheel

Win the jackpot price of 1499 eCoins!

-For the fee of 50 eCoins you can place bet on 2 numbers between 1-144

-Every 6 hours system will automatically draw 2 numbers between 1-144

-If one of the numbers you choose is correct you will win 1499 eCoins!

Steps to spin & play:

  • 1st. Log-on to your account.
  • 2nd. Go to the Lucky Wheel Module.
  • 3rd. Chose 2 numbers.
  • 4th. Click place bet.
  • 5th. Wait for the draw & wish good luck!


*Max of 10 bets

*if 2 of your numbers win your prize is doubled

*if 3 of your numbers win your prize is trippled and so on...

*Logs will show all results

*This is system generated and everything is automated.

So spin it now, get lucky & win the jackpot!

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Server Info

Version:Season 6 EP 3
Max ML:200
Max Exc:2 ( 3 Lord Mix )
Max Socket:3 (Tri-Sphere)
Last 24 hours: 42
Record Online Players:862
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