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In preparation for our eClipse Holiday Season & Year End Celebration

We will be giving away the following:

20 VIP access (15 days)
20 eCoins (500 eCoins)

How to win the give aways?
-Like this post
-Share this post on your wall (public)
-tag 10 friends
-comment your character name
-Take a screen shot of your shared post
-Send us a private message on our FB page

NOTE: NO multiple claiming this is closely monitred

This is in preparation for our Race to 400 event.
So make sure to use the rewards wisely as you will
be needing this to be able to level up fast and 
qualify to our top 20 winners.

The top 20 winners of the race to 400 event will 
be qualified to the next rounds for the Duel Master
Non-Ml and Royal Rumble Events. 

AGAIN THIS IS IN PREPARATION, the official events 
has not started yet, once we post announcement and
mechanics for it, that is the time you start and race!

All the best & Cheers,

eMu 2018

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Server Info

Version:Season 6 EP 3
Max ML:200
Max Exc:2 ( 3 Lord Mix )
Max Socket:3 (Tri-Sphere)
Last 24 hours: 42
Record Online Players:862
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Events Timer

Blood Castleevery 2hrs
Start in
Devil Squareevery 1hr
Start in
Chaos Castleevery 1h
Start in
Golden Invasionevery 3h
Start in
White Wizardevery 3h
Start in
Jewel Gambling Server 1every 10h
Start in
Exp Boostevery 6h
Start in
Red Dragonevery 3h
Start in