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Happy 6th Months eClipse!

As it is our 6 months and it is the new year we are giving everyone a hell of a game play.
We will make everything back to hardcore, as that is what is eClpise is all about. HardCore
GamePlay is our trademark. Hunting and leveling will be back to extreme difficulty. This is not a place for cry babies. Grind for everything 24/7!

Have more reason to go online because you will earn 2 ePoints per hour. We have ePoints tab on our Cash Shop 
and you can buy very valuable items. Just go online and stay online.

NOTE: offtrade is not included. [ Market Server ]

Remodeled our VIP channel, it will be a better place!

  • Better Excellent drop rate
  • Better Jewel drop rate
  • Better Exp and Drop rate in general
  • Better Chaos machine drop rate
  • VIP is now available in CS server (LOT included)

Changed the castle siege schedule to "Sunday" "18:00 - 20:00" Philippine Time. Castle siege will now have reward and trophy. 

  • Trophy: Gold pet (Guild Master)
  • Alliance Prize: 120B+120S+90JOL+90JOG
  • Last Holder: 2,500 eCoins

We recently added the following on our cash shop:
-eCoins tab: Can be purchased

  • Reset Fruit (50 points) 200 eCoins
  • Yellow Option Token 200 eCoins
  • Tri Spere 200 eCoins
  • Add Socket Slot Token 1,000 eCoins

-ePoints tab: Cannot be purchased. Earned as reward Be online and earn 2 ePoints every hour.

  •  Tri Sphere 500 ePoints
  •  Reset Fruit (50 points) 500 ePoints
  •  Jewel of Ultimatum 2500 ePooints- 100% success rate in combination
  •  ArchAngel Weapons +L+Skill 2500 ePoints

Events for January: Full event details will be posted on forums
Raise to 400 event: 1.6.19 - 1.12.19
Duel Master Non ML: 1.12.19 - 1.14.19
Royal Rumble Event: 1.12.19 - 1.14.19
Guild War event:    1.12.19 - 1.14.19
CS Tournament:      1.06.19 - 2.06.19 (1st allaince to have 3 wins = P3,000)

Active events: 

  • -eCash Prmo 1:7 eCash ratio +5% ePoints 01.05.19 - 01.15.19 donate and get %5 ePoints as bonus
  • -Exp and Drop boost +25%
  • -Ribbon boxes drop activated

Like and share:     1.06.19 - 01.15.19
-Click the image posted on our page
-Get as many likes and shares as possible
-Make sure you do this on public settings
-put this hashtag on your post #5theclipse

*Minimum of 10 Like and 5 Shares
*1 like = 1 point
*1 share = 2 points

1st: 3000 eCoins + 300 ePoints
2nd: 2000 eCoins + 200 ePoints
3rd: 1500 eCoins + 150 ePoints
4th: 1000 eCoins + 100 ePoints
5th:  500 eCoins +  50 ePoints
6th-10th: 250 eCoins + 25 ePoints

Happy 6th month and happy new year to all!

All the best and cheers,

eMu 2019

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