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Race to 400 Event: 1st 30

The 1st 30 to get to level 400 (note: no 380 quest)
will be eligible to join the Non-ML Duel Master
tournament and Royal Rumble Tournament. Only
the 1st 30 to reach level 400 will be able to 
join the said events.

Prize: 1st 30
1.) 2nd wing +11+Luck+option of your choice.
2.) Complete 1st lucky tickets depends on class.
3.) vip 15 days inserted to account fo your choice.
4.) Raffle ticket for the Year end Raffle Draw.
- 2nd wing and lucky set will be used for Non-ML 
  Duel master and Royal Rumble Tournament. No other
  wing and set is allowed. 

How to join? Simply send us the following details:
1.) Username
2.) Character name
3.) Character class
-send complete details to our facebook page.
-make sure to only register a character that 
 you will use in the events. If you plan to 
 level support characters please do not 
 include them in the registration. This way
 way we will be able to maximize the events
 and let others join.

Start - December 28, 2018 12:01
End - January 01, 2019  12:01
-Note: Do not start to level your character until
       the start date and time. This event will be 
       closely monitored anyone caught will be banned
       and will be put to the "HALL OF SHAME"

       Please follow simple rules and for any clarifications
       please feel free to ask. 

-Note: Once you reach level 400 you need to take a screen shot
       of your character showing its level, also showing desktop
       time and date. Then post it on our facebook page as a 
       comment to this post. We will check the details on your 
       post and decide who qualified on the top 30. For any questions
       or clarification please feel free to comment on this post and ask.

Please spread the news to your friends and invite them to participate.
Let this be a healthy tournament and we expect clean fun. 

Happy Holidays from our team to you,

eMu 2018

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Server Info

Version:Season 6 EP 3
Max ML:200
Max Exc:2 ( 3 Lord Mix )
Max Socket:3 (Tri-Sphere)
Last 24 hours: 45
Record Online Players:862
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