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This does not mean that you have total superiority to a normal player, but helps you to progress a little faster. Remember that being a Gold Subcriber will not make you any more or less than anyone, you are simply helping the community and yourself!
updated January 14, 2018
How to Subscribe?
  • Login to Server 1 (Market Server)
  • Type /buygold 15 to subscribe for 15 days
  • Type /buygold 30 to subscribe for 30 days
  • For 15 Days : 1500 eCoins
  • For 30 Days : 3000 eCoins
Gold Subscription Benefits:
  • Plus 4 in Base Experience
  • Plus 10% excelent drop rate
  • Plus 10% rare items drop rate (Jewels...)
  • Plus 5% to chaos machine succes rate
  • Plus 5% ancient drop rate in LOT
  • 50% discount to MU helper's zen charge
Gold Server Advantages Over F2P Servers:
  • Monsters HP is 10% lesser
  • Mastering experience will require only a monster minimum level of 75 while 95 in F2P servers
  • Shadow Phantom max level is 250 while 220 to F2P servers
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Version:Season 6 EP 3
Max ML:200
Max Exc:2 ( 3 Lord Mix )
Max Socket:3 (Tri-Sphere)
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Total Guilds42
Last 24 hours: 270
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